Should I Apply If I've Never Used the Stack?


"Every job seems to have a different tech stack, should I apply even if I never used it?"

How to Import your Medium Posts to Gatsby

✨How to automagically convert your medium posts to gatsby ✨.

XSS aka HTML Injection Attack explained

XSS doesn't have to scare you. Hold my hand. We can do it.

What is {…obj} in JS?

The object spread operator. Magic? Let's find out!

How to chain functions in JavaScript

How to write chaining fn like $('.red').addClass('blue').removeClass('red')

tiny-redux: Writing Redux from scratch for learning

Learning Redux better by rewriting it from scratch.

What is Debouncing?

Fixing browser performance issues with debounce.

Redux without the boilerplate

Dead simple Redux. Hold the ketchup, and the boilerplate.

What is a Test in JavaScript?

Writing an assert() from scratch.

Using import/export in node.js with esm

Import/export in node.js without a build step.

Easily Share a React Native App during development

Easy app sharing with Expo.

What is Middleware? A simple explanation.


Middleware is everywhere. Middlewhere?

First steps with React Native

No Swift here.

Lazy loading with React

Going faster by slowing down.

Migrating an app to Next.js: Lessons learned


What is this next.js magic?

Adding autocomplete to npm install


Now with more autocomplete.

Principles of troubleshooting

Let's find that problem.

Architect, you need to be in the trenches

Don't be an astronaut.