XSS aka HTML Injection Attack explained

XSS doesn't have to scare you. Hold my hand. We can do it.

What is {…obj} in JS?

The object spread operator. Magic? Let's find out!

How to chain functions in JavaScript

How to write chaining fn like $('.red').addClass('blue').removeClass('red')

What is Debouncing?

Fixing browser performance issues with debounce.

What is a Test in JavaScript?

Writing an assert() from scratch.

Using import/export in node.js with esm

Import/export in node.js without a build step.

What is Middleware? A simple explanation.


Middleware is everywhere. Middlewhere?

Lazy loading with React

Going faster by slowing down.

Migrating an app to Next.js: Lessons learned


What is this next.js magic?

Adding autocomplete to npm install


Now with more autocomplete.