Should I Apply If I've Never Used the Stack?

Every job seems to have a different tech stack, should I apply even if I never used it?

Yes. If you have related skills, and are simply missing framework knowledge, then the answer is yes. Even if you don’t, an interview can be a great way to find your blind spots.

Not knowing a framework has never held me back from a job.

Most employers simply want to know that you can pick something up quickly.

I got a job in a angular/node/heroku stack, when my combined experience with node/heroku/ng was less than 10 hours. I had a very strong frontend basis, and that’s what they interviewed me on (vanilla js, css, and performance best practices).

After that I got a job in a backbone.js/node stack when I’d never used backbone, and my SPA experience was less than 10 hours. I had a lot of node and frontend experience, and that’s what got me the job.

Later I interviewed with a team at Netflix. You don't know RxJS? That's fine, we'll teach you. They didn’t care. I didn’t pass for other reasons :).

Afer that I interviewed at Facebook. All the questions were vanilla JS, CSS, algorithms and architecture. Not a single framework-specific question, even though I interviewed with 2 people from the React.js core team (very nice btw).

I’ve done many interviews and I will gladly hire folks who don’t have specific framework experience. It’s more important for them to demonstrate that they can pick things up quickly and can build real things.

Published 27 Mar 2019