How I learned to avoid tutorial hell

I LOVE research. I’d spend hours looking up techniques, and watching videos on YouTube for how to best choose between my 3 options. My default mode was to spend 90% on research and 10% building. Here’s the problem with that approach…

90% research generally led to 0% building

Sound familiar? 
Many struggle with this and it sucks.

“Make SURE you do X before you do Y”

I HATE this kind of advice. It paralyzes you. ACT FIRST. Fail. Then you’ll know that failure isn’t that painful. And you’ll have trained your muscle to take action. This has enormous value and compounding benefits.

My new rule is 90/10 towards action

Here’s how it works:

  1. Try yourself first. No tutorials. Until you hit a wall.
  2. Then look for help. Get back to building as soon as possible.
  3. Limit to 90%-making|10%-reading where possible. As quickly as possible.

Why does this work?

You’re developing a bias towards action

You learn so much more when you get your hands dirty. And when you get stuck you start thinking about how to develop your own solutions. You begin to develop a gut feeling for what will work and what won’t. You start trusting yourself more. Win win win.

Published 20 May 2020