Easily Share a React Native App during development

Easily Share a React Native App during development

So I’m building a React Native app for a client, and I want to show him the progress I’m making. Luckily, by using Expo, its really easy to share your app during development.

First, you’ll need to tell your client to download the expo client on their iOS or Android device.

Then, you’ll need to publish your React Native project using Expo. There are 2 ways to publish: The Expo CLI, and the Expo XDE gui app.

Using the Expo CLI

Expo Account Creation Page

First you’ll need to create an Expo account.

Next install the CLI: npm install -g exp and login locally via exp login.

Navigate to the root folder of your React Native project.

Finally you’ll run exp publish.

Publishing your project to expo

You can send this url to anybody who has the Expo client app on their phone. When they tap the link, your app will build and load on their phone.

Any time you need to show another update, you can exp publish again, and the same url will work. So simple, so useful to show your work in progress.

Using the Expo XDE App

If you prefer using a gui, you can install the Expo XDE desktop app, open your project folder, and press the publish button.

The Expo XDE Desktop App

So useful. So simple. So great.

Published 1 Jul 2018